Thursday, October 13, 2005

Assyrian-Iranian Miss Canada 2005

The picture shows the Iranian Miss Canada 2005 (Non-Persian). The Nordic Persian Shermine Shahrivar was elected Miss Germany both in 2004 and 2005. Shermine won Miss Europe title in 2005. Compare the Nordic Persian Shermine with Non-Persian Miss Canada. Shermine was elected Miss Germany in 2004. But the contest was canceled.The reason for that is when some European countries and Canada saw her in 2004 they canceled the contest. So Germany elected her again as Miss Germany in 2005. These other European countries and Canada all elected some Iranian (Non-Persians) as the Miss of their country. The list is long over these countries. Some even sent arabs and africans as Miss title holder. All this to undermine the Nordic Persian Shermine so if she wins then she is not winning against the real blonds and blue eyes Dutch and Norwegian and the rest. So they were trying to say the Persians actually do not look like Shermine, but look like some Non-Persian Iranians. You can see the difference between Nordic Persian Shermine and (Non-Persian) Iranian Miss Canada and Miss Israel ? Compare The picture of the Iranian Miss. Canada and Shermine Shahrivar here.

Miss Israel (Iranian Jew)

The Persian Empire and The Nazi Germany

I just want to explain the difference between Nazi Germany and the Persian Empire. The Nazi Germany was based on a centralized state and authortarian rule. The Persian empire was based on decentralized state and local self rule for provinces and democracy. It promoted all religions. Also Greek democracy was not possible without the support of Persians. The reason was every once a while some dictator would take over a greek city and the Greek opposition would invite the Persians to restore democracy. The Persians did not have racial discrimination. The Nazis had racial discrimination in every aspect of the state. The Persians are refered to in Bible by the Jews as saviours but the Nazis are refered to in history as ruthless murderers. So generally comparing these two one can state that Cyrus the Great the King of Persia was not Hitler and Aryans are not Nazist.

Persians created Judism

You will be surprised to hear this. But Persians created both Judism and Christiniaty. And this is not a joke. In the old testament, you will see the name Ezra. Ezra has been the one who actually wrote the Old Testament. Ezra was a high level official in the Persian Empire. He might have been a Persian. He was a high level minster for Religous affairs during the Achaemaenid Persian Dyansti sometimes around 500 B.C. Bible was written in Susa in Persia not far from Basra in Iraq today and in Khuzestan province in Iran. Susa was one of the imperial capitals in Persia. The reason for the creation of Judism by Persians was that Persians were in War with Greeks for the control of Egypt. Greeks were making trouble in Egypt for Persians. The Persians needed a buffer state in Israel to defend the borders of the Empire against Egyptians. That is why Jews who were liberated in Babylon were sent to Israel with a new Jewish religion created by Persians to replace the old Jewish beliefs by the original inhabitants of Israel. The people who were supposed to defend the new religion were the Pharasees. Pharasees means people from Fars (Pars) province in Persia. They made the dominant Jewish faction in Israel. And they were always loyal to the Persian kings. Bible itself refers to the Persian king as the lord and grants the highest rank to the Persian king above any Jewish ruler. We discuss this topic on our Persian Aryans Yahoo Group. Join our Persian Aryans Yahoo Group

Remnants of Susa in Iran

The Origin of the Aryan Race

The Aryan Race according to Wikepedia
The idea of the "Aryan race", however, as a strictly ethnic intepretation of the word that extended to Europeans, arose when linguists identified the Avestan and Sanskrit language as the oldest known relatives of all the major European languages, including Latin, Greek, the Germanic, Celtic and Slavic languages. They argued that all of these languages originated from a common root - spoken by an ancient people who must have been the ancestors of all the European, Iranian, and North Indian peoples.

These hypothetical ancestors were at first given the name Aryans by linguists, despite the fact that the word was never attested in any European sources. From this point the term "Aryan" came to mean something similar to "white European" * although excluding the Jewish
and Arab peoples and including the inhabitants of Persia and North India. In modern times, however, the word is not used by linguists or ethnologists to describe this group, who now prefer the more neutral Indo-European. The only remaining common use of the word in linguistics is in the name of the Indo-Aryan language sub-family.

Persians According to Wikepedia:
"It is one of the ironies of history that Aryan, a word nowadays referring to the blond-haired, blue-eyed physical ideal of Nazi Germany, originally referred to a people who looked vastly different. Its history starts with the ancient Indo-Iranians, Indo-European peoples who inhabited parts of what are now Iran, Afghanistan, and India. contemporary anthropologists who believe in the existence of an ancient Aryan race generally have the opinion that its closest descendants today are the Persians, not the Germans; that is, if Aryans existed,they were white after the manner of imperial-era, pre-Muslim Persians,and possibly the Circassians and southern Slavs, but certainly not the Nordic Germans and English.

Modern research considers "Aryan" merely in connection with the Iranian and its preliminary stages. "Indo-Aryans" are seen as precursors of e.g. the Persians. "Genetic purity" was banished to the realms of myth. Yiddish is as much an Indo-European language as any other Germanic
dialect and the language of the Roman gypsies is much closer to "Aryan" than any of the Northern European languages.

Comments on Wikepedia: This is how Wikepedia defines Persian Aryans. Pre-Moslem Persians means that Persians might have been white, but now they are mixed with Arabs and they are not white anymore. Also note that Wikepedia equates Persians with Gypsies and Jews speaking Yidish (no offense to Jews or Gypsies but that is a little bit oversimplification). And Persians look like Turkish Circassians similar to the picture with hooked noses. For a discussion of hooked noses see here. Also stating that Aryan race is a myth in Iran. Also it is unclear how they mix up Anglo-Saxon British with Germans and call English Nordic.