Thursday, October 13, 2005

Assyrian-Iranian Miss Canada 2005

The picture shows the Iranian Miss Canada 2005 (Non-Persian). The Nordic Persian Shermine Shahrivar was elected Miss Germany both in 2004 and 2005. Shermine won Miss Europe title in 2005. Compare the Nordic Persian Shermine with Non-Persian Miss Canada. Shermine was elected Miss Germany in 2004. But the contest was canceled.The reason for that is when some European countries and Canada saw her in 2004 they canceled the contest. So Germany elected her again as Miss Germany in 2005. These other European countries and Canada all elected some Iranian (Non-Persians) as the Miss of their country. The list is long over these countries. Some even sent arabs and africans as Miss title holder. All this to undermine the Nordic Persian Shermine so if she wins then she is not winning against the real blonds and blue eyes Dutch and Norwegian and the rest. So they were trying to say the Persians actually do not look like Shermine, but look like some Non-Persian Iranians. You can see the difference between Nordic Persian Shermine and (Non-Persian) Iranian Miss Canada and Miss Israel ? Compare The picture of the Iranian Miss. Canada and Shermine Shahrivar here.

Miss Israel (Iranian Jew)

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Anonymous said...

shermine had a nose-job...oops...iranian are famous with their nose-jobs...poor you!haha