Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Persian Empire and The Nazi Germany

I just want to explain the difference between Nazi Germany and the Persian Empire. The Nazi Germany was based on a centralized state and authortarian rule. The Persian empire was based on decentralized state and local self rule for provinces and democracy. It promoted all religions. Also Greek democracy was not possible without the support of Persians. The reason was every once a while some dictator would take over a greek city and the Greek opposition would invite the Persians to restore democracy. The Persians did not have racial discrimination. The Nazis had racial discrimination in every aspect of the state. The Persians are refered to in Bible by the Jews as saviours but the Nazis are refered to in history as ruthless murderers. So generally comparing these two one can state that Cyrus the Great the King of Persia was not Hitler and Aryans are not Nazist.

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