Thursday, October 13, 2005

Persians created Judism

You will be surprised to hear this. But Persians created both Judism and Christiniaty. And this is not a joke. In the old testament, you will see the name Ezra. Ezra has been the one who actually wrote the Old Testament. Ezra was a high level official in the Persian Empire. He might have been a Persian. He was a high level minster for Religous affairs during the Achaemaenid Persian Dyansti sometimes around 500 B.C. Bible was written in Susa in Persia not far from Basra in Iraq today and in Khuzestan province in Iran. Susa was one of the imperial capitals in Persia. The reason for the creation of Judism by Persians was that Persians were in War with Greeks for the control of Egypt. Greeks were making trouble in Egypt for Persians. The Persians needed a buffer state in Israel to defend the borders of the Empire against Egyptians. That is why Jews who were liberated in Babylon were sent to Israel with a new Jewish religion created by Persians to replace the old Jewish beliefs by the original inhabitants of Israel. The people who were supposed to defend the new religion were the Pharasees. Pharasees means people from Fars (Pars) province in Persia. They made the dominant Jewish faction in Israel. And they were always loyal to the Persian kings. Bible itself refers to the Persian king as the lord and grants the highest rank to the Persian king above any Jewish ruler. We discuss this topic on our Persian Aryans Yahoo Group. Join our Persian Aryans Yahoo Group

Remnants of Susa in Iran

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